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Real estate developers are caught in a difficult scenario as a result of the rise in input costs. Industry estimates show that over the past 12 to 18 months, the cost of various building raw materials has increased by 20% to 35%. Prices for real estate have not risen correspondingly. Prices over the aforementioned period are at a standstill in the majority of micro markets in India.

2021 construction cost in Bangalore range from Rs. 1700 per square foot to Rs. 2200 per square foot. It relies on several conditions and causes. Let’s say someone has plans to construct a 1 or 2 bedroom home in Bangalore. Building a house is difficult in a big metropolis where new problems crop up every day. Global infrastructure shows that Bangalore is extremely expensive when compared to other cities. When determining how much it would cost to build a home in a major city, the government agencies are also quite important. When a person purchases land, a house, or apartments in Bangalore, they must pay registration fees and stamp duties.

After the covid epidemic, there has been a noticeable change in the pricing of materials, which has made building a home in Bangalore extremely challenging.

Covid had a big impact on raw material rates for construction also hiking the labour cost due to decrease in income and rise in rates of common needs.

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Estimated Construction Cost Per Sq ft 2022 in Bangalore:

The COVID-19 outbreak and the ongoing crisis in Ukraine have both caused a significant increase in market inflation rates. The Indian construction industry, which accounts for 8% of the nation’s GDP, has taken the brunt of the crisis overall.

The current building crisis has recently gotten worse. Costs for cement, steel, and concrete have all increased by nearly 30%. The price of food and fuel, which together make up a substantial portion of the cost of labour  and transportation, has grown by 15%. These variables collectively increased construction costs by nearly 12%, and it is anticipated that real estate prices will rise along with them.

Due to this increase in labour  and material costs, Bangalore’s current building costs range from Rs. 1,840 to Rs. 2,300 per square foot.

The head of CREDAI Bengaluru, Suresh Hari, stated, “The price of steel, which is thought to be the foundation of the business, has hit 85/kg. Comparing this to the previous 1.5 years, there has been a 50% increase. Moreover, although steel has been affected the most, prices for other products have actually increased as well.

Not just cement and steel, according to Errol Fernandes, chairman and managing director of Ferns Estates, but also other building supplies including wood, tiles, paint, electrical fittings, sanitaryware, and logistics have seen significant price increases. Developers would be compelled to raise apartment selling prices for new projects, which will result in reduced sale volumes, according to Fernandes.

According to Nagendrappa, the surge in input costs has restricted developers’ ability to give customers holiday discounts, even though the state of the market calls for it. Additionally, Real Estate Regulation and Development standards forbid developers from raising a property’s price after a contract has been signed with a buyer. The situation for builders is dire, he continued.

Fernandes added that the GST on other building products, which is 18%, and cement, which is up to 28%, must be reduced by the government.

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Rightcon Customer

Rightcon Constructions had been a well-liked building company in Mysore and Bangalore since it was founded in 2005. They construct homes using both turnkey and custom-built options. They provide their services in the form of 3 types of packages:

1.    Basic Package: ₹1740/sq.

2.    Premium Package: ₹1940/sq.

3.    Luxury Package: ₹2140/sq.

The packages provide different services based on the requirement and affordability of the customer. All aspects of the construction process are included in the packages, from designs, elevation, and flooring to painting and fabrication with quality materials and services to be used at all times.

The money for materials and the land are only two components of the construction cost budget. 10% of the budget should be set aside for administrative procedures including the BBMP’s approval of the plan (The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike). 

For a G+1(Duplex House) floor house construction in Bangalore, the BBMP plan approval fee ranges from 80k to 1 lakh. It can cost up to 2.5 to 3 lakhs for G+2 and G+3 level homes, and up to 3 to 5 lakhs for G+4 level development.

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