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A house is more than just a brick and stone building. It is the pride of the inhabitants and a safe shelter for the family. But initiating a construction project or home renovation needs expertise, extensive research, and a significant financial commitment.

When building a home, many different factors are at play. Several things should be taken into account when building dwellings, including the season in which you start the construction of your dream place.

One must think about the best moment to start construction before getting started. There are many different types of weather in India. Extreme temperatures and climatic conditions are inevitable given the intense heat of the summer and the monsoon season. Several factors to take into account when weather affects building houses.

Climate is unpredictable mid july to mid august, avoide those as a start date!

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1.Building During the Rainy Season (Monsoon):

Temperature: Humid, Hot, and Rainy

Even though the design process starts during the monsoon, the real construction process won’t start until it starts to rain because the back-end procedures can easily take 3–4 months to complete.

But if your backend work is finished and your execution starts during the monsoon, you need take some safety precautions, including

·       Concrete storage room that is waterproof on-site.

·       securing the construction-related temporary electrical connections.

·       Water pumps to drain the site’s excavated regions of water.

·       concrete bought locally

·       There is enough tarpaulin on hand to protect the concrete area from sporadic downpours.

Aside from these safety precautions, the monsoon season is beneficial for home building. Nothing should cause you to be terrified.

Tips For Rain Protection
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2.    Building During the Autumn Season:

Temperature: 20 to 30 degrees Celsius 

Weather is pleasant from September’s end until November.

Autumn is a fantastic time of year for building. This is due to the fact that the weather is not too hot or too cold to affect the ability of the labourers to work. Additionally, if the facility is for cattle, it will be finished in time for the upcoming winter. As opposed to a frigid outdoor pasture, the interior will be warm and spacious for the livestock.

It also has a few other benefits, which are listed below.

·       Low demand for new homes As a result, contractors have fewer projects to complete, allowing them to work more diligently and on schedule on your building. When contractor demand is low, costs are typically also cheaper.

·       higher soil quality

·       quicker approval of permits

3.    Winter Construction: December to January:

Temperature: 5 to 25 degrees Celsius (Super Cold)

Winter is not the best time to start a project since the earth is too cold for concrete to be laid and set. Although it is quite pleasant for interior restoration and refurbishment, there are also financial benefits due to the low cost of materials.

The majority of interior tasks can be completed with the help of additional illumination to combat the issue of decreased daylight in the winter. For any exterior job, this typically does not work well. During the winter, any external work that needs to be done must be done in the daytime.

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4.    Construction in the Spring :

Temperature: 20 to 25 degrees Celsius between February and March (Pleasant weather)

While the weather in spring is similar to that in the fall, building is a completely other story. Typically, spring begins with more rain and lower temperatures. Therefore, it is not the best moment to pour concrete. It’s a challenging time of year to perform any outdoor work because of how windy it is at first throughout most of the nation. Thus, it is much better to finish the majority of interior projects during this season.

In contrast, it is believed that weather is more hospitable for outside building in the later spring, closer to summer.

5.    Construction in Summer (April to June):

Temperature: 25 to 45 Degree Celsius (Hot)

Long tasks are especially nice in the hot summer. However, the increasing demand has caused material prices to significantly climb, and you may also notice a delay in your projects.

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