BBMP and BDA Approval process

If you want to build something in Bangalore, you must obtain permission from Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). Greater Bangalore’s infrastructure and civic needs are the BBMP’s responsibility. Construction and upkeep of sewers, roads, bridges, and waste are included in this. The BBMP is in charge of waste management and related tasks.

The BBMP has the right and responsibility to grant building permit letters to contractors so they can erect structures in accordance with approved plans. If a building is built in Bangalore without receiving the required approval from the BBMP, the authority has the jurisdiction to demolish the building or impose a one-time fine on the construction authority.

Process to follow :

You must contact the following Department and Officer in order to obtain BBMP Building Plan Approval: Town Planning Section, BBMP Head Office.

Officer to Approach: The Additional Director of Town Planning, under the direction of the Commissioner.

The BBMP Head Office’s Town Planning Section approves building plans for homes, apartments, and non-residential structures:

  • Regardless of the number of levels, having more than one basement floor.
  • Consisting of levels BF+GF+4 and upwards.
  • For all instances where the Bangalore Development Authority has authorised a development plan

Eligibility Requirements:

Anyone who possesses the following documents and owns real estate within the BBMP’s area of jurisdiction may submit an application for BBMP building plan approval:

  • Deed of sale
  • Khata certificate from BBMP

The BBMP issues khatas, which are official identification documents. The certificate contains all relevant information about the property, such as the owner’s name, the size of the structure or land, and other crucial characteristics.

A Khata is a document that certifies a property owner’s tax-paying account with the municipality. The fact that it identifies the individual responsible for paying property tax makes it significant. The information on a Khata, which is primarily needed to determine the tax due on a property, includes the name of the property owner, the size of the property, the location, the built-up area, etc.

To apply for water and electricity connections, as well as for commerce and building permissions, you must have a Khata. Additionally, it is necessary when requesting a bank loan.

Both online and offline applications for Khata extract registration, transfer, bifurcation, and amalgamation are accepted. If you submit your application online, you must include your Old PID number, name, and email address in addition to other information. In order for the original form to be processed and the required approvals to be obtained, it might be submitted with other forms. 

Application Method:

 The BBMP must be contacted in order for your building plan to be approved.Their website is

1.    Online application submission

  • The Building Plan Approval System website
  • Enter the necessary information
  • Online submission of copies of property documents and plans
  • Online payments for scrutiny/processing fees should be made up to 5% of the licensing fee.
  • Receipt or acknowledgement download

2.    Examining the Site with the Engineer

 3.   Verification of Drawing and Documents

4.    Acceptance or rejection by the appropriate authority

5.    Issuing a demand note to the party in order to collect the required fee

6.    Requisite Fee Receipt.

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